Once around the island: 20 days by bus, bike and on foot through Iceland

Egg, August 12, 2020: Last July we spent almost three weeks in Iceland. During this time a 70-minute film was made. As a travel diary, the film provides an insight into a not quite everyday journey on the volcanic island of Iceland.


The film shows pictures of the most famous hiking trail of Iceland, the Laugavegur. Afterwards we continue our trip around Iceland by bike. The film shows impressively why Iceland is such a rough place to cycle.

Of course a stay in Reykjavik with the most famous tourist trail, the Golden Circle, is not to be missed, just as the south coast with its glaciers and waterfalls is presented in many facets. In between there is a lot of loneliness, a few horses and many sheep along the ring road.

The version available here is in medium FullHD quality. Almost all images were taken with 4K, so that a high-resolution version is also available for demonstrations. The film may be viewed on this homepage at any time. Storage on a local hard disk or in the cloud is not permitted for reasons of data protection for the author’s family. But now have fun.

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