Bike Across America

2 Wheels, 32 Days & 3300 Miles

Egg, August 19, 2023: Since Wednesday I am back in Switzerland. A journey by bike across the USA is incredibly beautiful. Accompanied by expanses that I previously thought impossible, a landscape with thousands of facets awaits you. Even if I unfortunately could not carry out the journey completely as planned, I am all the more grateful that somehow and especially in the end it turned out well and smoothly.

34 days I was on the way, in 32 stages (daily average 166 km or 103 miles) I cycled an unspeakably beautiful, but sometimes also hard landscape and experienced daily the American way of life. Although I invested several days of time in advance to plan a road bike route without gravel, I still ended up on gravel at times. Overall, the country roads of the USA are very pleasant to ride with two wheels.

On the other hand, the suburbs of the smaller towns were less pleasant from a road-technical point of view. There is no right of way and the stop signs are mostly arbitrarily placed. Even worse, hardly anyone obeys them. And so it came to an uninviting meeting with two big fire engines, the ambulance and three patrol cars.

A look into the log book as well as an overview map of my trip gives a first impression of the route. The GPS track corresponds to the route I drove or which I should have driven. It should be noted that road conditions can change. In this sense, the track is available for free download, but without guarantee or on your own responsibility.

Update from September 5, 2023: Unfortunately, I lack the bandwidth at the moment to publish the doc-movie of my bike trip on this web page. But the film can be played in good quality (FullHD) via the following link: English subtitles, Swiss German and German subtitles. Performances in 4K can be arranged for a fee at +41 (0)44 350 05 60 or

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