Book: Across America on a road bike

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The book «Across America on a road bike» describes in 32 stages the journey between Vancouver and New York.

This includes the start at the Pacific Ocean (Vancouver), the Rocky Mountains, the great plains of the prairies, the rivers Missouri and Missisippi, the Great Lakes with Chicago, the Appalachian Mountains and the entrance to New York. The work offers a good introduction for all those who are thinking of planning such a bicycle trip. The booklet is also suitable for all those who prefer to «travel» from the sofa.

The route presented here does not follow the well-known paths of the states. Instead, there are almost always only side roads with little traffic. The book gives impressions of the trip, for a detailed description of the route there are online tracks. Included in the book price is online access to the matching 90-minute film, which presents the journey in entertaining episodes.

© 2023 by, contains QR codes for interactive routes, 80 pages in A5 format with 138 color illustrations in high-quality letterpress, printed weight approx. 150 grams. Access to online pages and film in dialect, with German and English subtitles (for 30 days, private license): immediately, PDF file for download (link by mail), Reading sample on

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Urs Pfister publishes hiking and cycling books aimed at families and the young at heart. The author lives and works in Switzerland, almost always in the municipality of Egg, sometimes also in the Moosal region. Urs Pfister is the managing director of the company Archivista GmbH and thus also of, the platform with the help of which the hiking and biking books are published by

Even as a young boy, Urs Pfister obtained many maps from the local library in order to draw (with pencil!) great routes on them. The later gentle erasing of the paths on the borrowed maps kept him busy for evenings at a time. With the first money earned, maps were purchased for own tours. With these, Urs Pfister discovered Switzerland and the surrounding countries on foot or by bicycle.

Today, Urs Pfister plans all his trips with digital maps and travels off the beaten track with smartphone gps navigation. The idea of a diary soon gave rise to the first hiking books. Because creating the maps on the computer took a lot of time, Urs Pfister set out to automate this job. A lot of time passed until the portal was created. Since then, Urs Pfister is happy that on not only he, but all outdoor enthusiasts can create their own tour books with a few clicks.